• Mr. Sanjeev

    To say that it is beautifully furnished would be an understatement. It is aesthetically pleasing. Very thoughtful and artistic in selection. Kudos to your creativity!

    Therapy:- Foot Massage, Back Massage

  • Mrs. Anita / Mr. Uday

    Excellent Setup! Very relaxing environment & soothing music. The staff is very courteous & well-trained. Got a very relaxing foot & back massage. Kids massage was done well too!!

    Therapy:- Foot Massage, Back Massage, Kids Massage.

  • Mrs. Sunita

    I feel very relaxed. Foot Spa is excellent. Head massage gives total relaxation. Nice Ambience.

    Therapy:- Foot Massage, Back Massage, Shiropichu.

  • Saryu

    The experience was wonderful. This place is full of passion towards nature and that is reflected in its products & services. I appreciate your services. Would come back again. Keep it up!!”

    Therapy:- Facial, Foot Massage, Pedicure, Back Massage.

  • Mr. Bronquard

    It was an amazing experience. The therapist takes care of you right from the first minute till the end. The therapist is very courteous and gave a nice and very relaxing massage.

    The decor is beautiful and the music soothing. Peaceful feeling.

    Therapy:- Aroma massage.

  • Miss. Soniya

    Awesome Ambience. Excellent service by the staff. I really liked it.

    The soft music makes it even more relaxing. The staff is well-managed & helpful. Had good experience. I would love to come again and again!!!!...

    Therapy:- Aroma Massage.

  • Mr. Sagar A

    I would say that it was one of the best massages I have ever had in my life. Overall Experience was very good!!!

    Therapy:- Aroma Massage.

  • Mr. Yashraj

    Very relaxing & very good experience. Very hygienic facilities & use of ayurvedic products is really good. Very Nice….!!

    Therapy:- Facial, Body Scrub & Aroma massage.

  • Mrs. Avengeleen

    Thank You 5 O’Sense (Dr. Varada & Kavita) for the amazing work they you have done. I am definitely feeling much better than before. You have made my belief in Ayurvedic medicine very strong. I will surely reccomend this to my friend circle.

    Therapy:- Leg massage, Nadi swedana, Kati Basti.

  • Nachiket

    I took the Holistic Healer package (Ayurvedic massage & steam) and felt really relaxed. I feel much better and already relieved of back & joint pain.

    Therapy:- Holistic Healer (Ayurvedic Massage & Steam).

  • Gayatri

    Excellent & very relaxing experience. Keep it up…!!!

    Therapy:- Foot Massage, Facial, Pedicure.

  • Sonali

    A very relaxing place for Spa. A soothing ambience adds up to the entire wonderful experience.

    Therapy:- Full Body Scrub & Head massage.

  • Mr. Niraj

    Nitin was very good in his job. Very good scrub especially neck and face scrub.

    Unique ambience, truly Indian Ayurvedic Style.

    Therapy:- Full body Scrub & Massage.

  • Mr. Santosh

    Very refreshed. Nitin was very courteous, pleasant and professional. Fantastic experience. Will recommend to other as well.


    Therapy:- Aroma Massage.

  • Mrs. Rupali

    Wonderful experience. Very artistic. Nice ambience, worth recommendation. Keep me updated with upcoming offers.

    Therapy:- Aroma Massage.

  • Mr. Prashant

    Excellent treatment – one of the best in the town.

    Therapy:- Ayurvedic massage.

  • Mrs.Poorwa

    Beautifully relaxed offer the treatment. The best Head/Foot/Back Massage in many years (Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Goa). Thank You…..!!!

    Therapy:- Foot, Back, Head massage.

  • Mrs. Arpita

    Amazing relaxation session had a great time. Had body massage, face massage also the herbal steam is worth trying…..!!

    Therapy:- Ayurvedic Massage.

  • Mrs. Mahima

    This was my first experience. I had Aroma Full Body Massage. I feel very relaxed. Loved it and would like to come again and again….

    Therapy:- Aroma Massage.

  • Mrs. Saswati

    Excellent experience! I had visited many Spas before. But this was one of my best experiences till date.

    Therapy:- Aroma Massage.

  • Mrs. Neha

    Extremely Nice Service, Very good experience, especially the soft music adds on to the entire mood and makes you feel further relaxed. Thank you 5 O’Sense thank you so much…..!!

    Therapy:- Ayurvedic massage.

  • Mrs. Kalpana

    Good & relaxing experience. Good Hospitality well-planned, furnished & maintained. Good work.

    Therapy:- Ayurvedic Massage.