Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition

It is our sincere belief that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Therefore, we work relentlessly to ensure that a healthy and peaceful environment is maintained at 5 O’Sense at all times. Don’t we all love to be happy, always? At 5 O’Sense our core policies are exactly meant to ascertain that.

We value your time and understand your priorities in life. An advance booking ensures that you get attended to immediately, which in effect saves your time.

We appreciate that traffic, children tantrums and other seemingly unavoidable circumstances can cause delays. However, we also believe that if we anticipate such issues before hand and ensure that we reach 10 minutes prior to the first therapy; you would get ample time to settle down before the treatment. Also it would help us to prepare for your treatment. Further, the next guest would be served in time. Arriving late would reduce the effectiveness of the therapy and make the next appointment wait.

We will try our best to ensure that the entire therapy is completed as per the assigned time-frame. However, it may not be always possible and your therapy may be shortened to serve the next guests who have arrived in time. However, a full charge would be applied for your therapy. For payments made in advance and for 5 O’Sense Membership card holders if you are delayed by more than 15 minutes or more, then you can reschedule your appointment in future against the amount paid. For any changes at the last minute, you can avail the service at a later time only if there are no other pre-scheduled appointments at that time.

We provide a secure locker box to keep all your belongings. However, your peace is our responsibility, but your belongings are your responsibility.

Though we ask every customer about their medical history, we request you to kindly inform the therapist/doctor about any special conditions you may have i.e. High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Pregnancy, Heart problems, etc.

We ensure that we play a soothing music that puts you in the right, peaceful condition. Hence, all the guests are expected to keep their mobile phones on SILENT mode. Also, we believe that a “chirp” is better than a “caw”. Hence, to maintain a peaceful environment within the spa we request you to kindly WHISPER when you talk

Every therapy is exclusively customized as per the guest’s requirement. The products and the techniques used are informed to the guest before the therapy starts.

We are sensitive about your requests, however a male guest would be attended only by a male therapist and a female guest would be attended only by a female therapist. Our therapists are professionally trained in all therapies and strictly follow draping protocols at all times.

The rates may change from time to time. Though we ensure that the latest therapies and rates are updated on all the marketing communications – website, etc. – they are subject to change any time. Further, though we would love to serve you in the best possible way, still we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, anytime and for any reason.

Payments can be made using VISA/MASTER cards or by cash