Beauty Centre

Beauty Centre

Who doesn’t want to feel pampered!!! At 5 O’Sense, we offer complete head to toe beautifying solutions that carve a king or a queen out of every customer.

Pamper yourself with & highly effective, result oriented Ayurvedic & aroma treatments with our ayurvedic & aroma beauty treatments with our herbal products.

Our treatments begins with an in depth skin analysis.These beauty treatments are designed according to an individual constitution. The traditional herbs and mineral preparations provide excellent results.
  • Skin Care / Facials

    Skin Care / Facials

    Revive O’Sense facial, Energizer Marma facial, Anti-aging wrinkle control facial & more.
    Treat the unique concern of each zone such as pigmentation, Acne & oily skin, dry Skin, aging.

    Benefits: Activates deep centres of the brain, reflex points and facial circulation eliminating toxins and makes the skin refreshed, brighter-looking, and more youthful.

  • Ayurvedic Hair Care

    Ayurvedic Hair Care

    Hair nourishing treatments.

    Benefits: Cures hair-loss, hair thinning, dandruff, dry & rough hair, premature graying.

  • Hand & Leg beautification

    Hand & Leg Beautification

    Healing Spa Manicure, Healing Spa Pedicure, Ayurvedic Pedicure & Manicure, Total Feetcare.

    Benefits: Complete personal hygiene.

  • Back Beautification

    Back Beautification

    Benefits: A gentle body scrub followed by mud painting, and a soothing back massage.